Our Governors

The purpose of a Governing Body is to:
  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the future and setting targets for improvement,
  • keep the pressure up on school improvement,
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice,
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community,
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does,
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review,
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff,
  • not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.
(Department for Education, March 2011)

A new Federation Governing Body covering both Polehampton Schools was legally formed on September 1st 2011.
The Instrument of Government was reviewed in Autumn 15.
Please see the latest Polehampton Federation Governorlink Newsletter (attached at the bottom of this page) for more details on the work of our Governing Body. 

Governing Body:

Type Name Committee Area of Responsibility
Foundation Joelle Cooper Member of Finance and HR
Foundation             Deborah ProcterMember of School and Community (until 5.2.18), then Member of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Listening Governor
Foundation         Rosemary Hay    Member of Finance and HR,  
member of School and Community
Foundation Stage
Local Authorityvacancyn/a
Co-opted     Allistaire Leighton-Young Not a committee member- schedules and attends regular safeguarding meetings Safeguarding / Looked-After Children
Co-opted     James Smith Chair of Finance & HR
Co-opted Brian Rogers     Chair of School & CommunityHealth and Safety
Co-opted    Caroline Harrison    Chair of Governors, Interim Chair of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, member of Finance and HR,member of School and Community
Co-optedNicola Bradshaw Member of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Inclusion (SEND & More and Most Able)
Co-opted    Phil CurnowMember of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Parent - Junior         Sarah Pickard Vice-chair of Governors, member of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Parent - InfantAbigail LaceyMember of School and Community Development Governor
Headteacher - Infant  Helen BallAll committees
Headteacher - JuniorPenny LitsonAll committees
Staff         Julie Long Member of School and Community

Associate Governor    Hazel Snellgrove n/a Deputy Headteacher - Infant 
Jenny Stockdale & Zoe Cacutt n/a Deputy Headteachers - Junior

Lisa Spooner
Clerk to the Governors
Terms of Office:

 Name Start Date End Date Term Appointed By
 Allistaire   Leighton-Young 17/01/201618/01/2020      4 yearsGoverning Body
 Caroline   Harrison 23/09/2014     22/09/2018 4 yearsGoverning Body
 James Smith 23/09/2014 22/09/2018 4 yearsGoverning Body
 Phil Curnow 25/9/17 24/9/2021 4 yearsGoverning Body
 Nicola Bradshaw 10/02/2018     09/02/2022 4 yearsStaff / Governing Body
 Brian Rogers 07/07/2014 06/07/2018 4 years     Governing Body
 Joelle Cooper 07/07/2016 06/07/2020 4 years     Diocese
 Rosemary Hay 03/12/2014 02/12/2018  4 years Diocese
 Deborah Procter 03/11/2014   02/11/2018 4 years     Diocese
 Penny Litson 01/09/2015 ongoing ongoing Ex Officio
 Helen Ball 01/09/2015 ongoing ongoing Ex Officio

 4 years Local Authority
 Abigail Lacey 14/10/2014 13/10/2018 4 years Parents
 Sarah Pickard 03/10/2014 02/10/2018 4 years Parents
 Julie Long 12/11/2014 11/11/2018 4 years Staff


Name    Full Governing Body Meetings 2016/2017Committee Attendance 2016/2017
Allistaire Leighton-Young 4/6 meetings 0/3
Caroline Harrison 6/612/13
James Smith 6/65/6
Joelle Cooper5/64/6
Nicola Bradshaw 6/6 6/6
Brian Rogers 6/63/3
Co-opted Vacancy n/a n/a
Rosemary Hay 5/6 12/15
Deborah Procter 6/6 2/3
Penny Litson 6/615/15
Helen Ball 6/615/15
Local Authority Vacancy
n/a n/a
Abigail Lacey4/66/6
Sarah Pickard 5/6 8/12
Julie Long 5/6 2/3

Previous Governors

No governors left the Governing Body in the last twelve months:

Category Name

Register of Other Interests as at July 2017

Governors resolved to disclose all directorships and trusteeships.

 Name Other Interests
Allistaire Leighton-Young Director (The Bid Centre Ltd)
Caroline Harrison  Parent, Husband is Trustee of David George Trust
James Smith Parent, Trustee (David George Trust)
Nicola Bradshaw Staff, Parent
Brian Rogers Trustee (Twyford Snooker Club)
Deborah Procter Parent
Penny Litson Staff, Trustee (David George Trust)
 Helen Ball Staff
Joelle Cooper Parent, Employee of Wokingham Borough Council
 Abigail Lacey Parent
 Sarah Pickard Parent, Director (New Road Consulting Ltd)
 Julie Long Staff
 Phil Curnow Parent, Director (PTD Consulting Ltd, PTD Holding Ltd)